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2024 Stargazing Constellation Wall Calendar

2024 Stargazing Constellation Wall Calendar


This calendar is the culmination of months of hard work and lots of research! Perfect for anyone who loves constellations, stargazing, the majesty of the heavens, or is just a total nerd like me.Each month shows the star map for a constellation that will be clear in the sky (for those living in the Northern Hemisphere!) during that month. Constellations are labeled, as well as major stars.

January - Orion
February - Canis Major
March - Carina
April - Leo
May - Centaurus
June - Boötes
July - Hercules
August - Sagittarius
September - Cygnus
October - Aquarius
November - Andromeda
December - Cetus

  • Details

    Printed on fine stock, each wall calendar is 11x17 in size, glue bound with a hole drilled for hanging, and includes a full calendar for each month.
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