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​Do you do custom work for clients?

Of course! Just about every item you see on this website was at one time a custom product for a client. The first step in doing custom work (whether it's a fully custom wedding invitation, or a company logo/website) is to get in touch with Andrea. Contact her here.

​If I like an invitation I see on your website or Etsy shop, can you change the colors to match my wedding?

Of course. :) If you have questions about a specific invitation's colors, you can always contact us or email us at Some invitations and designs have limitations, but it never hurts to ask!

​What comes with a panel card wedding invitation?

Our basic panel card wedding package comes with the following:

  • wedding invitation (generally 5"x7")

  • reply card postcard (3.5"x5")

  • details card (can be used for directions & accommodations).

  • matching envelope (A7)

Additional cards are available if needed for an additional fee. Some invitations are a little bit different, so it's always best to read the listing information, or contact us.

What is a pocketfold wedding invitation?

Pocketfold invitations are the best way to present complicated information (for example, destination weddings or large-scale weddings). We offer square (6"x6"), and rectanglar (5"x7" or 7"x5") pocketfolds in a variety of colors. Pocketfolds come with an invitation and three 'layers' of cards in the pocketfold. Couples usually use these 3 cards for the following:

  • accomodations

  • reply postcard

  • directions

What color paper do you offer?

Please browse our papers here, and remember that while we may be limited to these colors in terms of paper, we are never limited to color when it comes to ink!

Why do you prefer offset printing?

Good question! Well, at it's core, it's because we like to be able to offer affordable invitaitons to our clients! It's very important to us that we can continue to meet price points from low to high, and so we are very picky about the kind of printing we use.


​Do you offer refunds or returns?

Since even the most "non-custom" of the work that we do requires customization, it's our policy to not accept returns. In extreme circumstances, we will refund all or some of your money, but in our seven+ year history, that has only happened once. We work diligently to make sure our clients are happy. 

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