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Sparkly Wisdom

Sparkly Wisdom


"Sparkly Wisdom" is a 15-week self-guided Bible Study of wisdom from the book of Proverbs. Each week guides the reader through 15 wisdom themes found throughout Proverbs, moving from the inner life (mindsets of wisdom) to the outer life (listening, speaking, and acting with wisdom).

Scroll thorugh the images to see one sample study. 


All of our Third Coast Paper Bible Studies are written for modern readers, are focused around topical studies of the Bible, and are written from an inter-denominational Christian perspective. They are self-guided, but can be used in groups.


The Inner Life: Mindsets of Wisdom

  • Week 1: Humility & Pride
  • Week 2: Anger
  • Week 3: Discretion
  • Week 4: Jealousy/Envy

The Outer Life: Listening with Wisdom

  • Week 5: Criticism/Critique
  • Week 6: Space

The Outer LIfe: Speaking with Wisdom

  • Week 7: The Power of Words
  • Week 8: Gossip/Slander

The Outer Life: Acting with Wisdom

  • Week 9: Peace-Making
  • Week 10: Friendship
  • Week 11: Empathy
  • Week 12: Materialism/Greed
  • Week 13: Generosity/Gluttony
  • Week 14: Laziness/Diligence

The Conclusion

  • Week 15: Total Surrender


Contact us for bulk pricing, if you'd like to sell them in your shop, or license them for use. Enjoy!

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